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The Stars

Tarot Readings

I've been a natural medium from a very young age. After years of study and experience, I offer tarot readings and spiritual guidance, to help you find your own life path and connections with your loved ones passed.

The most important gift of all is the gift to guide others to spiritually heal themselves, to help them reconnect to their authentic selves and give them gentle loving abilities to cope with life’s trauma, the loss of loved ones and every day stresses. Or maybe just to make some sense out of a busy and confusing life.

To get the most from a tarot reading an experienced esoteric will be able to read, understand and translate the intricate and multi-layered meanings of the cards, both individually and how they interact together to provide you with an awareness pertaining to your individual situation and in the long term the tools to help you manage the day to day problems life serves us.

Black Sky

A deep psychological guide to self empowerment

Many people are anxious about Tarot cards, attaching words to them such as Occult, the Occult is a triumph of natural laws over human management.  Strictly speaking, anything that is hidden is occult; and when scientifically established and published, it is no longer occult. In the 16th century the term Occult refer to the science of astrology, alchemy, natural magic. The word Arcana is the plural of the Latin word Arcanum meaning “deep secret, the occult”


The tarot is in essence a soul map, a deep psychological guide to self-empowerment as imaged through 78 symbolic cards. The process is known as synchronicity, a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung to describe the temporally coincident occurrence of events. In synchronicity, there is no distinction between inner and outer. The choice of a card is exactly what your higher self already knows. This is what tarot occultists call the conversation with your higher self. The cards always work. It’s not magic—tarot cards are a sacred mirror.

The cards do have hidden meanings the Major Arcana are the 22 cards that include The Magician (the male power of creation through willpower and desire), The High Priestess (symbolises sexuality, mystery, and general higher power ) and The Death Card (is about transformation, passage, and change), genuine esotericists (tarot readers) will give you your  personal interpretation of the card reading,  it’s a magical experience that can help you better comprehend your unique journey through the spiritual, emotional, and physical worlds, It gives you a glimpse through the window of  your soul.

The Stars
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Please allow a few days notice to schedule a combined tarot reading /spiritual healing session.

 I look forward to seeing you very soon...

To book an intuitive tarot reading, please contact me.

Bookings are available:  Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, Fridays10am - 5pm. 

Face time readings available, specific questions can be addressed.

Price: 1 hr full Tarot card reading £65

Price: 2 hr full Tarot card reading £130

Price: 1hr full Tarot card reading and 1hr Spiritual Healing session £150



Payment accepted by Paypal, to: or bank transfer.

Tarot Readings

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