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Transformation & renewal

Autumn is coming, bringing a season for transformation and renewal.

Autumn brings to mind, the process of shedding the old self, as in addressing our repetitive old, negative or dysfunctional behaviour patterns that no longer aide to serves us - such as believing we are not worthy, negative self talk and low self esteem.

When we feel that the joy of life has escaped us leaving us feeling empty, wooden and separated from those who seem enriched full of positivity and happiness,

we do need to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge there is a fundamental flaw, life isn’t meant to be a chore.

Sometimes, we need to be brave and we need to be bold to remove the stigma and ask for professional help in an attempt to rejuvenate ourselves, to rebalance and transform

We need to appreciate the process will almost certainly take us out of our comfort zone. We may find the breaking of old patterns is sometimes uncomfortable indeed.

We can hang on to our once fail safe behaviour patterns like a child with their favourite old but broken toy. It no longer works but it’s what we understand and know, so we hang on to it. Letting go inevitably makes us feel emotionally naked and perhaps very vulnerable, but might I say first hand this is only a temporary feeling.

You see I’ve come to acknowledge after decades of giving emotional support alongside my spiritual intuitive readings, that perhaps we all have a responsibility not just to ourselves but to our family’s and to our community as a whole.

To take our emotional and mental health more seriously ....

There is no quick fix, it does take time, commitment and money.

I myself have committed to a 5-10 year plan with one of the best psychotherapists.

In only a matter of months my general demeanour and outlook on life has changed radically. My investment isn’t just my time and money, it’s a much larger investment, to make way for a healthier future for my grandchildren to learn, so to not carry on the dysfunctional behaviour that I learnt as a child from my last generation.

I hope it can be made a criteria by our government to acknowledge our emotional pain on the same level as our physical pain ... because our society has many suffering individuals, who are treated without the sufficient or fundamental support, with doctors prescriptions being given out as a chemical fix to too many people.

Tragically and in some extreme cases, emotional pain can lead to clinical depression which without the proper help, can lead to possible suicide, self harm and other disassociated behaviours. The numbers of these cases are climbing to alarming levels especially within the last few months.

I feel compelled to encourage any one struggling with low self esteem, social anxiety

or any other emotional malady to seek professional help.

Please do not be scared, I can assure you that not living a full rounded contented life is far scarier than holding on to a past ... a bit like a rotting fruit, no good can be found there.

So, if you don't feel at your best, please take my personal advice - invest in your self this magical Autumn.

Blessings to you all.


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