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Spiritual Readings .. putting faces to names

To establish a strong connection to the spirit world is a gift like no other, and to be able to connect to an individual spirit during one of my tarot reading is without a shadow of a doubt the most rewarding part of the ancient skills of divination.

It will never cease to amaze me when during a tarot reading you receive really clear and accurate information, such as dates, times and strategic places. Some objects hold so much clarity as to who is trying to trigger memories to be recognised.

For example ... A recent reading I have carried out holds evidence to these facts.

Emily who has kindly allowed me to write about her recent experience, as she had three of her relatives clearly communicate, for a perfect example. I asked her dear mother Louise to allow me to include these wonderful photos of their relatives .

During her tarot reading ....

Emily's Great Grandfather Stephan was the first to come through with a message, he clearly told me his name with a rye smile and mischievous blue eyes. A handsome elegantly dressed gentleman, a wing commander with the RAF, he referred to a cuddly toy called Eeyore and a nickname papa who was Emily’s grandfather.

Emily remembered her dear great grandfather asleep on the sofa with the cuddly toy an Eeyore carefully tucked under his arm .

These intimate details cannot be staged or coerced, the images appear in my minds eye, it’s up to the coherent to establish who they are and what the meanings are.

I receive many types of identification, gestures and character traits that leave no doubt who is trying to come through .

The lady in the picture is Phyllis, Emily's great grandmother. She held out an elegant hand holding yellow flowers she called weeds, which were frechias that grew in big patches all over her gardens in Mallorca. She mentioned the royal family, later we established the connection to be Phyllis's father, Sydney Platford, who was the present Queen's Lord Leuitenant in Scotland.

I've found it does depend on the belief of the individual ... and their personal connection to spirit world. This recent tarot reading I gave to Emily was so heart warming so incredibly accurate. After she had relaid the information to her mother we were able to work out who was who.

It makes years of studying and development all the worth while ...

Thank you to Louise and Emily

Blessings to you all

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