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Samhain (Halloween) All Hallows’ eve Is upon us ✨

Known also as the witches new year ✨

when the veil between our world and the spirit world becomes thin

its believed our loved ones past can find their way home

drawn by the candle light in our jack o lanterns ,pumpkins .

It is the most magical time to communicate with loved ones past

I personally love the turning of the wheel

the dark nights ,the changing colours of the leaves ,

My very old engine red Aga s brings constant warmth & heart to the centre of our home the wood burner crackling seasoned logs

Organic soup made from veg in our garden with healing herbs

and stirred with positive intentions

it’s time to with draw and celebrate your good fortunes from the crops

both grown in our gardens

or seeds of love and healing planted in the hearts of those you meet

happy Samhain warm wishes to all .....

winter solstice will be my next post 🙏

Razac estate chateau Razac autumn 2019

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