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Ostara - Spring Equinox

Ostara is the ancient pagan name given to the traditional festival of the Spring Equinox. It’s an astrological event which according to the Gregorian calendar varies from year to year. It arrives between Imbolc ( spring festival ) and Beltane ( autumn festival).

This is a time of equal balance of day and night, the sun and moon, the days become longer as we approach the summer. It is the tradition to celebrate this abundant time of rebirth and renewal as our Mother Earth slowly awakens from her winter slumber.

Pagans believe that the goddess Ostara, Mother Earth, grows from infant to maiden and in her maturity, and in her new fertility she meets in a sacred marriage with the sun god. A time of passion and planting of seeds to promote new life observing nature’s astrological union of the sun and the earth.

Several deity's are revered at this time originating from around the globe, Freya, Cybele from the Romans and Eostara is the germanic goddess of dawn.

The egg or Easter egg is a symbol of fertility and continuity and is given as a gift for Easter. The hare in folklore stares at the moon and stars, he dies each morning and is resurrected each night. He is the symbol of immortality, fertility and abundance. The festival of Easter originated from these ancient traditions linguistically, Eostara is the etymological origin of Easter.

When Christianity was introduced in Northern Europe, the church encompassed the pagan tradition and added these sacred times and traditional festivals to their own calendars. The gathering of flowers and spring plants in the colours of white for purity and innocence and gold or yellow as a symbol of joy and optimism. Painted eggs all are in homage of the goddess of fertility.

Modern day pagans carry out rituals and spells lighting white candles paying homage to the return of the light during this beautiful time of the year aligning with the power of the full moon which arrives on the 28 th March in the star sign Libra. Libra represents a time of equilibrium and balance.

Our sun will be in the sign of Aries which will form an opposition, it will provide the opportunity for personal fulfilment and possibly new romance. Aries represents self and Libra is other, so this is the perfect time for compromise and negotiation moving positively forward into our spring it may encourage you to go on new adventures, full of renewed courage growth and illumination.

To celebrate Ostara, I am giving £20 OFF personal tarot readings and /or spiritual healing sessions, until the end of April 2021. Please text me on 07957 216448 to arrange.

Blessings to you this Ostara

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