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October Full Moon

This year has been a challenge for us all, but let me tell you some thing very exciting

that lies ahead. Because my beautiful moongazers, October gives us a rare chance to double up our full moon wishes. We get to invest twice in our hopes and dreams to receive a magical double whammy from the cosmos !

I will explain. In 2020 we have been very fortunate enough to experience 13 full moons which is very lucky and an auspicious number for lots of us ✨

This October, we have a rare and very exciting double moon !

The first arrives on the 1st of October, the second arrives on our most sacred day of the year Samhain known as All Hallows’ eve, on the 31st of October ! Not only is it a bright blue moon 🌑 the last time we had sight of this rare and beautiful

moon was during the Second World War in 1944. The next time we get the chance to have such a powerful alignment of full moon and sacred dates is in 19 years time, in 2039.

So my magical followers, it’s time to double charge those crystals and make or perhaps learn to make your own empowering drink of ‘magical full moon water’.

Let’s create a magical mayhem to lift our spirits literally, seriously the more the merrier 🙏

Here’s what to do to carry out your very own full moon and blue moon rituals.

During the day, before the full moon on 1st, and the blue moon 31st , source three white candles, some of your favourite flowers, a piece of white paper, a silver pen or colour of your choice, and a clear bowl, lead crystal is best but glass will do.

Set up an area outside that you will catch the full luna rays.

Place your flowers with the three candles lit around them, on the paper write your wishes, hopes, dreams and intentions.

Place with the bowl down and fill it with fresh spring or filtered water.

Please do not use tap water it has to many chemicals such as fluoride which is very harmful to your pineal gland. (I will write about this amazing very psychic part of our brain in another blog).

Take a lovely hot bath white rose petals, rosemary and any of your favourite herbs.

Pour yourself a glass of wine or even cup of hot cocoa or nourishing soup.

Pour a little under a tree or your favourite part of the garden.

If you only have a balcony, then maybe make your offering to a pot plant.

Herbs add extra energy especially sage, give it as a gift to our lady moon, ask her to hear your wishes.

You can add a small clear crystal to your moon water to charge it up even more.

Silver jewellery or anything with a reflective surface will charge under the moon and aid you through the coming winter months. You can also offer cake, chocolate, honey or milk - whatever feels good, add to your ritual … Music 🎵 incense, poetry. If you feel compelled to dance, this will enhance the feeling of the magic, remember to dance in circles clockwise under our full moon.

Allow 21 days for your wishes to be granted.

Bring in the water bottle and label.

Take a sip when you feel the need. 🙏

Bright blessings to you all

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Sherry x

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