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Awakening your inner creative child

This year has been an emotional minefield for many of us, the pandemic has raised a host of emotional, physical and psychological issues. Some of the cause is due to the absence of the many distractions that our career and hectic social life provides.

You see, we may subconsciously avoid our own personal issues and imbalances by distracting ourselves so we don’t have to face our own needs. When our needs are shelved they will eventually tip us to overload leading to despair. All manner of our negative issues manifest from this, forcing us eventually to actually sit down and quietly listen to our own tired souls, perhaps only then we ask ourselves what’s really happening with us?

There are so many ways our body lets us know we are out of kilter, feeling low, irritated, uninspired or just tired, we tend to blame everything around us rather than realise it may be time to slow down and be a little more gentle with ourselves. You see like everything in life that isn’t loved, nurtured and regularly replenished... it will eventually shrivel up and die.

So how do we get our selves back on track?

By allowing the lack of distractions to focus inwards instead of throwing all your efforts and energy’s into everything and anything around you. Direct your energy into the areas that have been neglected. We are all aware of connecting with our inner child, It is vital for us to connect with our original selves before the complexity of life happened to us. When we were young and innocent, we were open minded and free to have fun. Our imagination could carry us from our reality, we could be who ever we wished to be. This is a powerful positive way of refuelling our inner selves. Hence the saying 'never grow up'.

How many times have you said, 'I didn’t have time to read, write, draw, sew, dance or sing ?' By discovering a new aspect of our creative selves and investing the time and love without the feeling of guilt or shame, you can take plenty of time for 'you' and truly understand we all need some extra TLC from time to time.

We can all stitch or draw little magical seam onto our souls, nurturing, strengthening and enabling us to feel rejuvenated, ... back to our wonderful happy, creative, imaginative inner child.

See what's in store for you...

Autumn love and blessings


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