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A Special Gift

At first, I wonder …

Who is it, that I can hear whispering softly in my ear ?

Why am I suddenly so very cold ?

I can now smell roses, not the heavy scented commercial ones, but light, like a wild rose. A simple dog rose.

I don’t know why, but I have an inner knowing that it’s a gift, a special gift, a beautiful sign. Then I feel a growing warmth in the depths of my belly. I’m not frightened, my heart remains calm. I’m aware that I’m not alone and I wait quietly for a message ….

The voices are not always clear. I can also see things in my mind’s eye - precious objects, important places, dates and times. I can sometimes hear music and laughter.

Oh, the joy of receiving each message…

When an old men is laughing at you, or a loud lady is scolding you, or a child is playing hopscotch and wants you to join in.

I have been incredibly lucky in my life, to have experienced many types of phenomena. One of my earliest experiences was at the beginning of my career as a medium, after I finally decided to devote my life to spiritual tarot readings.

I have changed the name of my client to protect her confidentiality.

Alice rang me early one Sunday morning. I would not normally receive a call or book a reading on the weekend, but I felt her urgency, so I asked her to come straight away.

Alice arrived on my doorstep looking worn out but very grateful. I knew instinctively that tarot wouldn’t get quickly enough to the core of the issue that Alice had been trying to contemplate.

Sometimes, I use crystals to pick up on the sensitive energetic information, especially in cases when overwhelming grief is at hand and words are too difficult or too traumatic to convey.

I put my Obsidian ball into Alice’s hands and made her a cup of herbal tea to calm her. Alice gave me back the ball which I tuned in to. It’s like a type of meditation. The ball felt very heavy with desperation and deep sorrow.

After a while, I heard the voice of a boy. He is in his twenty’s, called Steven, very dark and handsome. He tells me that he left our world and that it was sudden. He mentions a girl, a blonde, bubbly, lovely girl, dressed in a mod coat and tatty jeans, called Sarah.

He tells me very clearly that she’s about to go into hospital but she’s going to be ok.

He wants Alice to know he’s moved on in the spirit world and that he’s ok with Sarah and that he loved her and missed her deeply. Steven said Mum needs to hear this today !

The tears sprang to her eyes. She then told me her eldest son had sadly lost his life in a motor bike accident two years before. The girl he described was his long term girlfriend, they where going to marry. We had a long and in-depth spiritual tarot reading which helped Alice come to terms with the messages, which she now receives regularly.

How to calmly acknowledge and accept that love never ends.

That the loss she’s experiencing is only temporary.

Until she returns to the light, back with her loved ones.

The following Wednesday, my phone rang, it was Alice. She said ’’Sherry you’re not going to believe this, Sarah rang me on Monday and asked me to meet her for lunch. She wanted to tell me that she has met a new man and that she loves him. She just found out on Monday that she is going to have a baby !’’

Alice didn’t tell Sarah that she had received a message from Steven, saying that he was happy for Alice, but she felt an overwhelming sense of peace. A new life was about to begin.

Yes, it is truly a special gift ✨

Love, light and healing… Sherry 2021

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