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Transformation is the name of the celestial game of self improvement & balance this month .✨On N

This Scorpio Moon may affect you on a very deep conscious...subconscious level, but also encourage you to journey further into your self ✨or it may tempt you to reach for a greater understanding of our Astrological connections & Luna patterns that can affect our every day lives. 💫To have courage to meditate or journey into your deep soul searching truth. 💫

Orphuichus will add strength & foresight to face old emotional issues & unhealthy behaviour patterns, that perhaps haven’t been dealt with in your past or even past lives ! It could bring an intense feeling of vulnerability, perhaps fear.

As the old saying goes 'Better the devil you know'.

We will embrace the unknown, but take courage to trust this time, to take advantage of this o so timely transition ✨🌟

But rest assured the constellation, that our new Moon resides in is in fact my favourite, the healing sign of Orphuichus, the male carrying the serpent with a powerful Star in his grasp. Some may know this Star as Beetle juice, ✨😆 it’s meaning represents our higher selves leaving the mundane world behind, just as the snake sheds its skin.

To peel away the material world and reach for new Spiritual enlightenment leading us to achieve more balance, renewable energy and heights of healing and renewed faith.

Supposedly Orphuichus the 13th sign that was removed from our Astrological Calendar, pre our Roman Calendar,

13 being so unlucky and its message is teaching us man is not a weak vessel, held back by earthly lessons.

We carry our strength in the stars. We just need to allow or Spiritual selves to soar. Be blessed this beautiful month of November 💫✨🌟

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