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Restore balance and harmony...

 Spiritual  Gifts & Magical Spells

Various 'spiritual gifts' offer specific healing purposes that can help restore balance and harmony. 

Organic Bees Wax Ritual Candles

Homemade organic bees wax candles, infused with frankincense, orange oil and lavender for deep sleep and astral travel. They also clean the air by releasing negative ions, great for allergy sufferers and people with asthma.

PRICE: £5.00


Handmade candles can help with specific healing purposes to bring peace, serenity, creativity, passion or wealth and abundance into your life.

PRICE: £5.00

Astral Travel Cushions

Homemade and bespoke astral travel cushions can help you to sleep well and draw the most from your night time rest, promoting astral travel and assimilation of spiritual insight. 

PRICE: £30.00

Blue Sage

Blue Sage is often known as Grandmother Sage. This purifying herb has great medicinal and magic applications, The Sage provides spiritual strength and is sometimes used in exorcism rituals to remove malevolent spirits. AKA Azure Sage and Pitcher Sage.

PRICE: £9.50

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 16.46.32.png
Voo doo love dolls

The common misconception of these dolls is believed that they are sinister and involve black magic. They are in fact a powerful tool to aid your will and your intent. In the pursuit of difficult love relationships, or physical ailments, they can be very powerful.

PRICE: £30.00

night alter.jpg
Love spell, full moon magic

Powerful spells for a helping hand to win someone's heart

.PRICE: £14.50

Banishment spell

Powerful spells for removing a negative situation

.PRICE: £18.50


Spiritual Gifts & Magical Spells

To order any of my items, please contact me.

If you are looking for something else, I can make individual products or specific magical spells, 'to order' to suit your desires. Find out more . . .

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