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Re-align your heart, mind and soul for spiritual, emotional and physical balance

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Chart Astrology 

I studied both maths and physics at college for my future career but never correlated the link between Astrology and Science. I always just took for granted or accepted as coincidence things that “just happened”. I found it easy to read people in my work life like sales or business meetings, I knew who I could work with and who I needed to appease or even avoid. Several times in my life I have had vivid or surreal dreams that, sometimes days or even years later, would come true, I originally put this down to déjà vu or precognition.


As I matured so did my interest in Astrology (from a scientific perspective). I always read my horoscope but found that most were to generic and tried to cover every person born under a particular sign, so I needed something more accurate.

 I have been studying Astrological Charts to explain why two people with the same star sign can be so different. Again, like your basic horoscope, not all charting software is equal. I use what is widely accepted by both professionals and astrological researchers as the Rolls Royce of charting software. With this I can produce and interpret a complete range of charts from a fully detailed Natal chart to Relationships Astrology: with synastry text reports, synastry aspect grids, positions from two charts sorted together in various types of lists, combined charts for 2 to 15 people. Utilising your chart with my psychic abilities I are able to align your Heart, Mind and Sole to give you the spiritual, emotional and physical balance to move forward in your life.

Your Natal report presents the natural resources that you have been given for building a life. It outlines how the overall shape of your chart reflects the overall shape of your personality. It shows what your greatest challenges are likely to be, the strengths you have been given to meet these challenges, and the main arenas you are given for playing out your life’s drama.

You will notice certain places where the information displayed seems contradictory. This is to be expected, because people are complex. For example, in some situations you may be shy and in others aggressive, this is a normal human trait. However when you see repeated patterns take special note: these are apt to be the dominant themes in your life.

Natal Chart & Report
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Genethliacal Astrology. This Astrology which deals with nativities - the influence of planets and signs upon the life and character of an individual.

Your birth chart is a circle that is separated into 12 slices of pie. Each slice represents an area of your life called “Houses”. Each house is ruled by a zodiac sign. The signs represent your characteristics and personality and how they affect your life. The signs are always in the same order Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. Your time of birth will dictate which sign starts your chart. The start to your chart is called your Rising Sign or Ascendant Sign. Your Rising Sign is the beginning of your 1st House which kicks off your natal chart wheel. The houses go counterclockwise from 1-12. So, if your rising sign is Cancer for example, then your chart starts with Cancer. Each sign is exactly 30 degrees long but some houses are bigger or smaller than 30 degrees. Because of this, we can have two zodiac signs falling into one house. The sign at the beginning of the house “Cusp” rules that area of your life. The planets are in specific signs when you are born, once we find your Rising Sign, you can see what house in your natal chart each of those planets fall in. We interpret the planet’s meanings into your houses. Each represents a specific part of your personality.

Moving on to additional charts. The houses are very important for predicting events. Your natal chart never changes but the position of houses will. We can link what is happening in the sky currently with your chart to see how it is effecting you and where in your life you will be feeling their impacts and outcomes. This is called a transit chart. and it helps explain why each house has so many meanings.

Price:  £20.00

Other astrology charts are available, please contact me for more details.

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